Yogaveda: This Tuesday, Feb 5th, 6pm with Megan Latta: Certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor and a certified Level 1 Rossiter Coach.

Her forté is in helping build strong foundations for beginner yogis – in a one-on-one session or in a group setting!

If you’ve never done yoga, this coming Tuesday will be perfect for you and if you’re a seasoned player of yoga, come on over as well. There will be modifications for the newbies and challenges for the players!

As she often says, “Yoga – Always in all ways…come ‘n’ play!”

Ayurveda talk with Karla: Are you a Pitta but don’t really show it?!

Music by none other than Jojo Flores! Last week was poetic, next week’s soundscape…def.

more of the same!!

See you then! Same time same place…bring your mats and a blanket or hoodie for savasana!

On the menu for next week…homemade samosas and tea! ♥