Here are the top 5 reasons why…

Please join me
Sat. March 17th, 2018~10am at Studio Volver for the next Breathwork class. (details below)


1: Breathwork is the art and science of applying breath awareness exercises and conscious breathing techniques as a bridge, a force, and a tool for health, growth, and change—in spirit, mind, and body.

2: Breathwork is a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science. It is an intuitive art, a healing art, a creative art, a revolutionary and evolutionary art. It represents the cutting edge of the human potential movement.

3: In one form or another, breathwork is used in almost every holistic-health and alternative-care program. It represents the cream of the crop of self improvement and personal growth methods. It can be found at the cutting edge of the human potential movement, and at the heart of the world peace movement.

4: Breathing is the language of the soul. You can communicate with the breath, and you can turn to it for information. And you can actually learn to breathe from the breath itself! It is literally a source of inspiration, and the key to peace and power, oneness and wholeness.

5:  In every moment, the breath is nourishing us. It is continuously working to keep us alive. It is working to help us to move and to function. It gives us the power to think and to create. And in every moment, it is reflecting and expressing the truth of our being. It reveals our state of our health and the level of our consciousness. ”

Dan Brulé excerpt from, Just Breathe: Mastering Breathwork for
Success in Life, Love, Business, and Beyond
Please join me on Sat. March 17th, 2018 for a day of personal empowerment and a life changing experience at Studio Volver: 359 Victoria Avenue #4, Westmount, Qc. H3Z 2N1. Class starts at 10 am and ends at 1pm the cost is $80 ~ bring a friend that has never tried Integral Breathwork and you pay -50%. Refreshments will be served after class.

Private classes/ personal growth program and class packages are available upon request. 
Please contact me directly for a quote and rates.

Schedule of up and coming workshops 
Mar. 31st, 2018: 10AM @Studio Volver – 80$
Apr. 14th, 2018: 10AM @Studio Volver – 80$
Apr. 28th, 2018: 10AM @Studio Volver – 80$

Weekly Integral Breathwork class – Tuesdays 6:15 pm. 90 min – 35$
**Prerequisite**: One Saturday 3 hour Worskhop.

Pls R.S.V.P. – Space is limited. 

In love and courage,

Karla <3