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Who is Karla?

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My name is Karla Gomez de la Peña and I am a person in love with life and all it has to offer and I would love to share this enthusiasm with you. I am a  woman, a mother, a businesswoman, a designer, and  lastly but not least an Ayurvedic practitioner.

I consider myself a lucky person; lucky to have experienced many positive and some really difficult lessons that have shaped my persona and taught me much about myself along the way. One of these experiences was coming across Ayurveda.

My passion for Ayurveda per se has come later on in my professional life; I unknowingly adopted some of the Ayurvedic principles as a young child that I now practice on a daily basis.  Sometimes, we forget who we are and what our purpose is in life but if we trust our hearts we will surely find our way without fail.  This is how I feel about my relationship with Ayurveda.

Support, understanding, compassion, and education are the tenets that I love the most and I try to offer this as much as possible in my Ayurvedic consultations.  As such, no two people are alike and I have seen and experienced how life can affect us differently in the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional planes.

Ayurveda allows you to learn about yourself in ways you may not have realized.   It is excellent in raising personal awareness allowing the individual the freedom to become responsible for their health and well being and less dependent on a health care system that is often times slow and overcrowded.

We can and must realize that our very thoughts shape and form our daily existence.  Reflection of our life patterns is important hence we become knowledgeable and accepting of whom we are and what we are able to contribute on a daily basis to ourselves, to the ones we love, and to our environment.

In my experience Ayurveda, has helped me come full circle to the notions I once had as a child.  We are wiser than we think and the answers lie within us, we just have to stop and listen.

We can surmount the insurmountable and many do everyday.



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