Feeling the winter blues? Well you’re not alone! Join me on Monday Jan. 20th at 6:30pm -@ The Little Studio -80$ for a Breathwork class that incorporates how to get to and stay in the higher emotional vibrations and get out of the lower blues-y ones! Join me ❤️

Here’s the link with all the details: https://mailchi.mp/50a9bda2e12f/keeping-your-focus-raising-your-vibrational-frequency-rewriting-your-subconscious-programs-in-2020-is-the-key-to-manifesting-your-best-life-ever?fbclid=IwAR1frsMbKvGtNBKrU9wmQzbLu23y0qLrC_jG0eivHg6TS22j-MToWY34Exk