lunaveda : Ayurveda for the hectic world we live in

Welcome to lunaveda

Welcome to Lunaveda ≈ Ayurveda for the kind, loving, sweet person. I think that person is you.

Here you will find tips, suggestions, events, consultations, and therapies. I am an Ayurvedic practitioner, my family and I live by Ayurvedic principles which favour personal balance in the way that only Ayurveda can.

The reason why I say this is because, Ayurveda is “Trusting” in your body and listening to what it tells you.  Awareness is 90% of the battle and 10% is having or learning the knowledge to follow through with what your body already inherently knows.

In my experience, this is where the issue arises, so many of us are not in tune with our body due to many factors like stress, fatigue, anxiety, foods we are eating, exercise, family/work issues, the hectic society we live in.  We are expected to fit into a cookie cutter mold (physically, mentally) and/ or bend to social pressures when it comes to health in particular.  Unless we seek out different ways of helping ourselves, we are pretty much expected to follow suit and not ask questions. This is where Ayurveda fits in magically, it  empowers you to become responsible for your health and diminishes the insecurity of trusting your “gut” feeling and knowing yourself. Being empowered through learning will allow you to question and see the bigger picture in a more poetic way, as modern science will show you the intrinsic anatomical view – which is important… but why not have access to both systems?

Lunaveda is here to help you “walk the walk and talk the talk”.  We don’t believe in being exclusionary but we do trust in the “science of life” and we hope we can shed some light with our alternative holistic medicine – which is ayurveda.

Stay tuned for some interesting posts, interviews, photos etc…

Life is like ayurveda, it might prepare you for everything that will come your way and everything that will come your way might prepare you for ayurveda.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” L.B.


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