Welcome to lunaveda

Welcome to Lunaveda ≈ Ayurveda for the hectic world we live in.

We are amazing human beings, intricate, complicated, cerebral, and emotional all wrapped up in an equally intricate physical body.  Your five senses allow you to learn beyond measure, experiencing all facets of life; joyful, painful, extraordinary moments that equal up to a life filled with memories.

Unique and courageous you accepted life full on with your initial recipe being part mom, part dad and a little bit of the universe.  That is your blessing in life – your original constitution- your Prakruti. Basically your blessings for life created by that recipe at the very instant you were created. The journey begins with your first breath and continues through the experiences you choose to shape your life. These choices may or may not deviate you from who you are originally but if in case they did,  welcome Ayurveda, a wise old holistic school of healing that then gently guides you back to the true you.  Often when you disregard your true self over a long period of time things start to happen that isn’t in accordance with your original constitution. If you aren’t listening or aren’t in tune to your inner dialogue within your body, the conversation will take place expressing its disharmony through your body.  Ayurveda helps you walk your walk and talk your talk. Getting to the root of the problem and helping you get back on track to what you were most designed for – to be your highest best version of yourself so you can shine and live your true calling powerfully and peacefully in love and in joy.

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