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There are some yoga-veda ppl that cannot make the whole event on Tuesday, so we’ve come up with some options for you…
“Pop Up Yoga-Veda next Tuesday- Now a week away! Register today with a friend and receive 10% off + Complimentary passes to use at Peopl Boutique Club anytime you wish.

1– Unwind with my heart-centered yoga to open your heart, calm your mind and nourish your spirit while flowing to the sweet soul house music with live performance by Jojo Flores.

2– Learn how the ancient practice of Ayurveda can help you choose the right foods to suit your unique dosha with Ayurvedic practitioner, lifestyle and nutrition coach Karla Gomez.

3– Enjoy an ayurvedic sampling of delicious food and homemade teas after your practice.

Choose to Yoga-Veda with options 1,2,3 for $49.95+ taxes: Advanced registration only- email


Choose to Yoga with option 1 for $24.95 +taxes: Register on site or in advance 

5pm: Registration on site
5.30-6.45: Yoga- Practice and flow- Bring your yoga mat
6.45-7.30: Veda- Talk, Dosha quiz and food sampling