Hey Y’all…I have just heard of a crazy competition, I think you may be interested in…it starts something like this…

Competition starts now: and expires in 346 days
the sky is the limit, there are no rules except 4:
1: be true to yourself
2: don’t be influenced by others
3: you need to be happy doing it
4: and you need to make money doing it (if money is an issue)

The New Year is upon us and it is time to move forward with an amazing and bright wide eyed vision of what the new year can bring us or alternatively what we can create for ourselves within these next months?

This is how you do it:

What do you want to most accomplish this year? What is your inner most heart’s desire..truly dig in there and let it surface so it can become a thought, then an idea, then conceptualize it, talk about it, write it down make it real and then… MOVE OUT OF THE WAY and let it happen. ♥

The prize:
You being ecstatically happy every morning you roll out of bed! Worth it? You bet!!

Remember there are no rules!!!

Good luck and lmk if it happens! I will be the happiest person for you!!!! ♥decision to try