Today’s topic: Adult Acne…GOOD NEWS it is reversible naturally!

Not a subject one we love to talk about but to some it is a daily issue. It is difficult to disguise and obvious to all that look at you, it is a very sensitive topic and can be very hard on the self esteem and confidence levels…but …GOOD NEWS it is reversible! Don’t feel helpless…you are able to change your skin reactions just by noticing your lifestyle and DOING something about it.

Have you ever noticed that there are times when it gets better and other times when it gets worse….well, take stock at those times and notice the trends in your life.The issue lies in your genetic background, physical make-up and in your current state of daily living – including food intake and how you are living your life, sleeping patterns, exercise or lack of etc..

It encompasses all 3 doshas…read on and discover what you can do!!!


This article is great! Easy to read, with loads of information.

Now is the time to take charge and do it. You will be happier for it! Have a great day ♥

image: holistic vanity.