To my doTERRA tribe! If you’ve been a member with me prior to Aug 2016 and have NOT ordered anything since then…I’ve got a load of FREE goodies for you until Dec 31, 2016 ! (Value of up to 238$ Cdn)

If you are interested in EO and would like to join my tribe, there is an amazing Frankincense EO waiting for you for free also until Dec 31, 2016 (value 88.75$ Cdn)

In either case, email me at for the details- I would love to teach you how to use these amazing and pure oils for your mental and physical well being in a free essential oil /Ayurvedic consultation for your individual health with me.

Want to browse? ….but get in touch with me directly for the gifts !!!

Just for you – Black Friday freebie!


In keeping with Black Friday…Receive a FREE Wild Orange essential oil when you book one of these massages with me this weekend- valid for up to 6 months
(75$ each – insurance receipts available upon request) These also make great holiday gifts for those that are hard to shop for – gift certificates available. 
1: Indian Head Massage 
3: Chakra Balancing with essential oils 
Direct Message me at for booking! 
Have a beautiful day 💛

AROMATOUCH™ class in Mtl Nov 19th, 2016!

Sign up for our doTERRA AROMATOUCH™ class
Saturday Nov 19th, 2016 at Entrainement U.N.I Training from 11am-5pm.
215$ includes 8 doTERRA essential oils, manual, course fees and certification!

Join us and add this to your healing repertoire of skills!
DM me directly for more info. Click the link below to reserve your spot.

The AROMATOUCH™ Technique includes four primary steps designed to minimize systematic stressors to autonomic balance. Each step includes the application of two essential oils or essential oil blends specifically formulated to support healthy emotional and physiological functions for well-being. The technique requires 40 minutes per application, and multiple applications can be serviced with one set of doTERRA essential oils.

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ARoMATOUCH Technique


For those of you in need of a little R&R!
Book an Aromatouch appointment with me and drift away with beautiful aromas that will  help balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body!
Homeostasis never felt so good!
You will sleep like a baby and feel great!
75$ for an hour with a mini Ayurvedic consult to best choose the carrier oil for you!
Message me here to book or email at
*Naturopath receipts available upon request
**Home visits also possible.Inquire for details

Back to School With dōTERRA

Calling all moms and dads! Back to school can be very overwhelming for our kids…so why not make it easier for them and us! Stress, anxiety, focus, concentration, rise and shine routine and energy are somethings we all face at this time of year. Find out what you can do to make is as seamless as possible with this great class and you will get an awesome chemical free recipe for lice and a take home rollerball for your child to use at school! Message me here for details ! —————Saturday Aug.27th: 10:30 am. 113 Lewis Ave. Westmount. This class is 10$. Pls RSVP:  ⭐️Link in bio ⭐️ #backtoschool #routine #freshenergy #seamless #fun #nostress #anxiety #kids #sleep image#mentalhealth #strong #positive #vibrant #lunaveda #essentialoils #doterra #❤️

Nicaragua Yogaveda Retreat with Kaye Peñaflor April 22nd – April 29th, 2016

Join us in NiScreen Shot 2016-01-22 at 5.30.55 PMcaragua April 22nd – 29th for a fantastic heart filled life changing week of yoga and meditation with Kaye Peñaflor (, essential oils and Ayurveda with yours truly!

Throughout the week, each guest will receive a private Ayurvedic introductory consultation with me, in addition to daily yoga and meditation classes with Kaye. I will take you through your doshas and you will learn how to deal and work on your levels of stress and anxiety through breathing, self awareness and food. Food is medicine for us and I also use essential oils to help you with your various complaints or issues. We will learn how to use these as tools to better our daily living during the retreat and how to apply this newfound information seasonally upon your return home. Check out the page above!


Churnas…Ayurveda’s easiest way of incorporating spices and minerals into a wonderfully smelling and tasting curry like mix to help repair your doshic imbalance.  It’s as simple as adding a dash or two to your daily meals to help find some relief in your particular issues ranging from trouble sleeping, too much going on daily, the feelings that arise from rushing, to many deadlines, stomach discomfort etc…  These spices and herbs are good for the entire family too.

Now, you can get it here! Lunaveda will prepare one especially for you, with your particular imbalances in mind. Just send us a message and we’ll send one along.


Summertime Tip


Karla HondurasSummertime Therapy Indura Festival tip: Best way to stay cool: Dancing to all the Therapy Dj’s , dipping into the ocean annnnd … A little aloe vera juice and a couple drops of peppermint essential oil in water in an AquaOvo glass bottle! Keep cool and practice  cooling shitali breath <3

Uplift your mood with CPTG essential oils

Want to learn how to change your mood with a little natural help? Do you feel angry and upset often due to tiredness and have a lot going on or perhaps due to your environment?
 swing by my class tomorrow night at:

7 pm and I’ll teach you how.  Simple and easy.  Your moods just got better!
387 ST. PAUL OUEST/ McGill
*Maison Bistro always has the most delicious carrot cake, soups and salads with tea to have if you come straight after work.
Hope you can make it!


Discover the World of CPTG essential oils

essential oils close up







Going through a transition? Need a little emotional support? Fatigued? Lacking in energy?
Learn what Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils can do for you. We will teach you the basics and a little more 🙂

These beautiful aromas are fantastic for diffusing in daycares, shops, palliative centres-for your elderly parent care, offices and of course your home.Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils will work their pure, organic, all natural magic on you and you’ll have wondered why you didn’t start using them earlier!

Dr. Isabelle Roy DC and myself, Karla Gomez – Ayurvedic Practitioner welcome you, this Tuesday March 10th at 7pm for an informative class.

Feel free to bring a friend for a cup of tea, soup or a nibble at Maison: The Pepin Shop – Espace Pepin before our class starts.

Please RSVP at

Have a lovely rest of the weekend and hope to see you in class! 😉 ♥ K