Feeling sluggish in the morning?…

If yes…Then you’ll want to know the benefits of warm water and lemon!

You can change that and start your day off on the right foot…spring is usually the perfect time of year for this..but if you are a true Kapha you can use this drink  almost throughout the entire year! The best time for this is first thing in the am only and wait at least 60 min before you eat your breakfast.  This won’t be  problem for you my dear Kapha, as you are never really fond of breakfast anyway, just choose wisely after your super drink.  Stay away from the carbs as you need less of this and more of bitter, astringent and pungent tastes – these are the best for you.

Please read the link below for the full benefits….and don’t forget Kapha’s often need a little help with shedding some pounds so please feel free to add some honey! yum ♥