I used Mr. Emoto’s example of water crystals for my mini Ayurveda mantra workshop on Tuesday, as it reflects the idea that words and sounds affect us deeply on a cellular level.

Mantras are sounds/words we chant or silently recite in our minds. It is for a specific reason and intention with which we chose our mantra or create one; to heal or strengthen as a whole or specific areas within us, we also use mantras to realign ourselves.

These very words we use and think of on a daily basis, that inspire or deprive us of a healthy mind sets the tone for our mental, physical and emotional bodies, as well as affecting others we meet in the course of our day. This is where some may think the glass is half full or half empty, this is where we blossom or shrivel. We must be responsible for the words we share amongst ourselves, taking care to cherish one another and not be careless with our tones and attitudes and ill chosen words due to any discontent in our private lives. So, be wary and chose your words wisely for one day you might be the one that needs an uplifting kind word or two, or in need of a lovely melody or sound.

The practice of a mantra brings balance to a hectic life, it is grounding yet uplifting, if you have never tried to meditate or use a mantra there is no time better than the present. It de-stresses you, empowers you, enhances your consciousness… try it you be the judge ♥