lunaveda ~
Karla Gomez de la Peña ~

30 Day Mantra Meditation Challenge! 

Sign up to for what has now become a monthly Mantra meditation challenge!  For the next 30 days we will practice Mantra chanting at 6:30 am EST on Zoom.   

When you join, you will become a member of our Monday night 7;30 pm EST Sacred Circle where we share our weekly experiences chanting the monthly Mantra – this month is the Heart Chakra – Anahata and the Bij sound is YAM. 

Joining means you will do your very best to commit to the daily practice and participate in the four weekly calls throughout the month so you can stay in tune and connected with other like minded individuals.  We know if you are just starting that it is challenging – so I will gently nudge you with all the tenderness possible to help you hop back into the practice if you have fallen off.   

In the weekly sacred circle Zoom call, we hold space for each other as we share each other’s awesome life changing journey that comes from chanting daily.  This is our empowering and united community! 

You will also get a bi-monthly email with downloadable PDF’s that include all the benefits and information to make your, Mantra chanting the most beneficial ever! 

All this for 30$ in 30 days! 

We chant at 6:30 am EST  – and do not waiver from the time as it is highly recommended when you do meditate, to practice at the same time daily to receive all the benefits.  This is how we start our days vibrating high!

As we face an ever changing Covid-19, our community helps with staying grounded, mentally healthy and having a safe space to share.  There is nothing like having a community of consciously mindful people, purposefully moving forward to help each other find the strength to persevere and pivot and prepare for the new normal 🙂 

Sign up at and see your anxiety, fear, anger, sleeplessness and frustration… slowly dissolve as you become proactive, self empowering, raising your vibration from fear to love by devoting time to yourself by mantra meditating with us!

Your Ayurvedic Practitioner, Breathwork and Mantra Coach, 
x Karla