Ayurvedic Blissful Head Massage

Ayurvedic Blissful Indian Head Massage is known as a marma balancing massage; marmas are vital energy points in the body that are the junction of consciousness and matter.  Meaning our vital life force energy flow called prana. The body has 107 marma points including the 7 major chakras with 25 located in our head and neck alone.

Experiencing this massage is remarkably beneficial to opening blocked energy channels and balancing both your mind and body. It is exceedingly detoxifying as it specifically works the lymphatic system throughout and encourages the elimination of toxins and toxic thoughts that connect to the brain and the conscious and subconscious mind. It also serves to relieve chronic neck and shoulder stiffness and stimulates the scalp for hair growth. You will experience a deep sense of calmness, clarity and connectedness in one treatment.

This is an upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, ears and face massage. Ayurvedic carrier oils are traditionally used in this form of massage specific to your mental, physical type and emotional state  further personalized by my application of Certified Pure Therapeutic Essential oils by doTERRA.

Ayurvedic Blissful Head Massage can be used to:

– relieves sinusitis
– reduces stress
– releases anxiety

– nourish hair

– relieve eyestrain
– relieve insomnia
– ease headaches and migraines
– relax muscles
– relax and tones facial muscles
– stimulate the hair and scalp
– help localized blood and lymphatic circulation
– boost the immune system
– restores joint movement

– benefits memory, cognition, and alertness
– relieves sinusitis
– reduces stress
– releases anxiety

The treatment lasts 60 min and includes an Ayurvedic assessment and costs 100$

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