Drive those colds away with a Vampire smoothie!

How do you drive a horrible dumb cold away and vampires too at the same time ( and everyone else ) ….


This sure fire smoothie will beat those sniffles away!


2 cloves of garlic
2 or 3 slices of ginger
hot water

So basically, we mean business….put the ginger and the garlic in a blender with hot water…blend it till it’s frothy.
Pour it in a cup let it cool a bit then add honey to taste ( so basically a ton bc you are drinking liquid ginger and garlic!)

Drink it!

Wake up in the morning and repeat if necessary….but best not to do this at lunchtime. only early morning and just before bed.

*Watch out if  you are taking acetaminophen, as it is a blood thinner as is ginger.

You’ll get better in no time!! <3