A high quality essential oil is completely natural and is derived from flowers, roots, plants, stems, and bark.  Under proper guidance essential oils are very powerful.  They have many health benefits and can improve focus, energy,  ground your mind and clear your spirit. 

When the aroma is inhaled it resonates with your limbic system in your brain and can influence your mood and memory.  It can also positively influence decisions you make. Essential oils can even bring forth wonderful memories of specific times and places.  

Every oil has an arsenal of power to help your personal healing process and improve your current state. 

Their chemistry is indisputable, they work!

Essential oils can be enjoyed in three capacities…

Aromatically, Topically, Internally

I choose to use doTERRA oils in my practice as they are a very high quality and adhere to a strict standard in an otherwise unregulated essential oil industry.

Pls watch this short vignette to get an idea of, “What is a doTERRA® essential oil”  and their co-impact sourcing and Healing Hands initiatives.

If you would like to investigate further and purchase some of these wonderful essential oils please click on the link : mydoterra.com/lunaveda

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