Essential Oils

An essential oil resonates with your limbic system in your brain and can bring forth memories of a time, a place, of whom you were with, what you were doing and how you were feeling!  Not only do essential oils have this amazing capacity, they also have the power to influence your moods and thus decisions you will make. They can help with focus and boost you energetically when you feel the need. They also serve to ground your mind and clear your spirit. Best of all they are completely natural, as they are derived from flowers, roots, plants, stems, bark… Every oil has an arsenal of power to help your personal healing process and improve your current state.  Their chemistry is indisputable, they work.  

The truly magical aspect of it all happens when, after tuning in to your mind and body and understanding what your emotional and physical needs are and then choosing an essential oil to do something positive about it ~ naturally.

I offer FREE consultations on how to use doTERRA essential oils for a myriad of uses – like sleeplessness, anxiety, as a stress reliever, headaches, tummy aches, sprains…..pls feel free to contact me at:


I choose to use doTERRA oils in my practice as they have a very high standard in the unregulated essential oil industry. Namely their strict adherence to CPTG® (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) standard. Which means:

  • Plants are harvested in their natural habitat
  • They are considered beyond organic, verified pure, free of fillers, pesticides, & foreign contaminants
  • Stringent third party testing of every batch to ensure powerful benefits without harmful side-effects

doTERRA® essential oils can be enjoyed in three capacities…

Aromatically: Breathe in or use diffuser to:

  • Open airways
  • Boost mood
  • Freshen the air


  • Apply to bottoms of feet or affected areas to target specific needs.


  • Drop in water, under tongue, or into gel capsule to support mouth, throat, digestive, & overall health. ( Only CPTG oils)

**In addition, ethical growing ensures that every purchase changes growers’ lives and their communities for the better. You can learn how the oils you are using are changing lives through doTERRA®’s co-impact sourcing and Healing Hands initiatives.

Pls watch this short vignette to get an idea of, “What is a doTERRA® essential oil” ?!

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