I had a moment where I suffered intensely from anxiety about 3 years ago and Breathwork literally grounded me and helped me release the anxiety I had built up within me that expressed itself as psoriasis.  In the process of learning to breathe, not only did I find myself, I was also able to release my harboured anxious feelings that had lead to my psoriasis and heal.  It was so intense!

I wanted to share, for those of you that are experiencing some hardship which may have manifested either physically or emotionally, that you can do something about your current state.  It takes patience, being kind and forgiving yourself.  It also takes wanting to look deeply at your subconscious and starting a journey of undoing core beliefs most likely installed from childhood and then learning to release them through meditative breathing.

It isn’t easy to face yourself but it is so worth it. You’ll be freer than you’ve ever felt and open to making decisions based on your own energy and not be burdened with past experiences.  This post is about teaching your kids to breathe fully and deeply early on and learning to return to the breath for comfort and healing no matter what age you are currently at.

Here are 3 basic tips to watch out for along while integrating a Breathwork practice to be present and fully enjoy your life.

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We are going back to basics in this next class, discovering what we should have learned as children in coping with our daily ups and downs.  

1: Relaxation is a life skill – you need to learn how to relax in order to get really good at it.  And I don’t mean grabbing a bag of chips and sitting on the couch watching tv all night. That is def. not relaxing especially if you are watching some intense dramas.  I mean being able to release suffering brought on by your inability to let things go.  Most people tend to ruminate and let dramas/ traumas / experiences run through their minds, keeping them as fresh memories they can’t let go off.  Each and every time you rehash an event you are telling your subconscious mind and your physical and emotional body that it is happening again in the present time! That can be really damaging and definitely keeps you in a stranglehold. You can’t move forward bc you are stuck in the past and the present just doesn’t exist for you.  Meditation through breath is an excellent way to learn to fully relax preparing you to handle come what may.

2: You are probably carrying massive amounts of tension in your body and aren’t even aware of it!  When you try to relax does it feels painful or perhaps even more tense?  Is your relaxation short lived and interrupted?  When you feel an ache in your shoulder or back it usually means you’ve been ignoring your inner dialogue, by the time it feels like it is a normal part of your daily life,  it is considered tension at a chronic level. Your physical body might be as hard as a board and inflexible and your mind totally fixed and rigid with stress at the root of so many ailments and malaises. Learning to relax into your tension through breath during stressful moments is the key to reshaping your breathing patterns.  That then helps to release the tension in your body and your mind, allowing you to be more fluid and able to act consciously instead of reacting automatically.

3: At rest, in a relaxed state, the body breathes very little.  When you are completely and utterly relaxed, you are in a state of repair,  it is when you have the most influence for healing emotionally, physiologically.  Strenuous physical demands being made on the body, calls for strenuous breathing which your body automatically activates. In moments of relaxation you can choose to breathe in a myriad of ways affecting your health positively.  In Breathwork, in a relaxed state, we deliberately choose to supply the body with extra amounts of breath energy in order to experience change on a physical, mental and emotional level.  This extra breath energy can release thoughts and beliefs once buried under all the tensions that have built up in the body over the years.  It is a vital key to awakening you to the present and healing yourself one breath at a time by learning to release energies, thoughts, moments that no longer serve you.

Join me in my next Breathwork class and learn to start releasing repressed emotions, disappointments, frustrations, anger, and fear and fully engage in being healthy, happy and living in joy!

Karla Gomez de la Peña

This session’s theme is about getting back to basics and taking charge of your health.


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