The Corporate Breathing  One hour Class offer corporations a time-efficient way to energize employees and have them acquire techniques to deal successfully with stress. Perfect for staff development and team building, The Breathing Class also teaches mindfulness, increases energy, improves mental health, and builds morale. A one hour class consists of an interactive learning that allows for releasing stress and anxiety, balancing energies, improved focus and concentration, increased immunity resulting in less absenteeism and sick days.  Workout clothes are not required.

I am readily available by phone and email for any questions @514-513-6899.

This class has been offered at Phi Centre, SAP, Hybris, Dawson College, Hotel Monville, Keller Williams Connexion amongst other locations

1 hour: Lunch’n’ Learn, 1/2 day and full day Corporate Mindfullness: Meditation and Breathing team building workshops available.

Please email corporate requests to

Karla Gomez de la Peña 

Your Breathwork Coach