Churnas…Ayurveda’s easiest way of incorporating spices and minerals into a wonderfully smelling and tasting curry like mix to help repair your doshic imbalance.  It’s as simple as adding a dash or two to your daily meals to help find some relief in your particular issues ranging from trouble sleeping, too much going on daily, the feelings that arise from rushing, to many deadlines, stomach discomfort etc…  These spices and herbs are good for the entire family too.

Now, you can get it here! Lunaveda will prepare one especially for you, with your particular imbalances in mind. Just send us a message and we’ll send one along.


Summertime Tip


Karla HondurasSummertime Therapy Indura Festival tip: Best way to stay cool: Dancing to all the Therapy Dj’s , dipping into the ocean annnnd … A little aloe vera juice and a couple drops of peppermint essential oil in water in an AquaOvo glass bottle! Keep cool and practice  cooling shitali breath <3

Ayurveda Aromatherapy Essentials!

imagesIt’s a grey day today, some see it as a chance to slow down for a minute and others see it as a depressing factor…which ever your mood choose the right essential oils for you…remember we are in vata season so we may all need a little of the vata essential oils.

I’ve taken this info from a  great article online, it is spot on!

Here is a sample of essential oils for your type…

If you are a vata type (typically susceptible to head pain, overall dryness, nervousness, trouble sleeping, being overly aware of everything around you), avoid sharp or strongly perfumed essential oils. You would benefit from warm, energizing oils such as camphor, cinnamon and cypress, combined with the stabilizing, calming oils such as sandalwood, jasmine or rose, blended in sesame oil, a carrier oil generally regarded as incomparable in its ability to penetrate the skin.

A pitta type (typically prone to heat in the body in specific body parts, feelings  of anger, acting and being overly controlling) would benefit from cooling, calming oils, flowery fragrances such as gardenia, jasmine, mint, rose, sandalwood blended in a cooling carrier like coconut oil.

A kapha type (predisposed to breathing difficulties) will benefit from the use of warm, light, stimulating oils such as sage, basil, cedar, pine, myrrh in very light carrier oils. The use of sharp, stimulating fragrances is beneficial for the kapha type.

You can read on at:

<3 Karla


Best Grounding Chai Latte

IMG_5894The weather!!! hmmmm for the time being seems like fall…Vatas hate this time of season, Pittas love it and Kaphas are starting to go into a deep slumber..totally enjoying being wrapped up and snuggled in a heavy comforter at bed time.

So what to do for those Vata types?….and you know who you are especially now…crying for the summer heat that is leaving us.

Well tip number one for grounding and replenishing believe it or not is …milk.

Milk is best for Vata types!! I am personally not a fan of milk but it is good to ground our poor upset vatas. If you are feeling restless, anxious and cold most of the time have a hot spicy cup of warm milk. A chai latte is an excellent choice. It will help balance you.

*** the key to being able to digest milk is to heat it until it boils then quickly take it off the heat…plus the spices also help in digestion!

small/ med pot
4 C. Water
4 tablespoons Black Tea
6 cardamon pods split on the ends
1 x 1.5 ” piece of ginger
3 anise stars
5 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
grated nutmeg
honey(vata and kapha) or maple syrup (pittas) to taste: After it has been strained (better for you- natural)
2 1/2 C. Milk

How to:
Throw your water, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, anise, cloves and black tea in a pot bring to a boil and simmer (cover) for your desired strength (you can also additionally leave it steep depending on how spicy you really want it!) then add the milk and bring it to boil – removing quickly at the first boil.

Strain into a tea cup

Add honey/ maple syrup to taste..let it cool a bit and enjoy!!

This will warm you up and is a great alternative to coffee (Vatas really do NOT need coffee!!! you’ll just become a bundle of nerves – more than you already are!)

Time saving tip:
take all the spices and make one big baggie mixed in with the black tea so all you have to do is take a scoop or two depending on how much tea you will be making or make the water based version and keep it in your fridge and heat up as necessary adding the milk as you go.

Enjoy the sunny day

Ayurveda and the 6 tastes











Did you know that the six tastes in Ayurveda are aimed to balance our mental, spiritual, physical and emotional bodies. (our Doshas) 

Did you know there are 6 emotions that go with the 6 tastes?

If you know your doshic constitution, you can not only help balance your emotions but prevent colds, congestion, headaches, stomach issues, PMS, insomnia etc… In ayurveda, food is medicine so you can pretty much take care of a multitude of issues.

Essentially we need a little bit of each to feel balanced and satisfied.

Tastes: emotional flavour when taken in excess
Sweet: Love (which can also cause attachment)
Salty: Greed
Sour: Envy
Pungent: Hatred
Bitter: Grief
Astringent: Fear

The presence of the 6 tastes in each meal allow us to experience these emotional flavours, leaving us satiated and not wanting for more.

This is an Ayurvedic concept that has worked for centuries…it would be interesting to try it and let us at Lunaveda know if you do feel satisfied after a meal. Each taste need not be a huge part of the meal but can be as simple as a dash of a condiment or herb.

One other important suggestion: Remember, eat and drink only when you are truly hungry and not bc you think you should. Breakfast is optional! Lunch is not!!!

Have a wonderful day,
♥ Ms.Lunaveda

Lunaveda: 15 reasons why we should detox

the-importance-of-DETOXWhy Detox?…here are a couple of reasons why…

Fight your junk addiction
Clear out your toxins
Balance your hormones
Increase energy
Increase circulation
Improve digestion
Strengthen immune system
Improve concentration
Improve sleep quality
Clearer skin
Regular bowel movements
Cleanse liver
Detoxify organs
Reduce Stress
Increase sex drive….

If you have never done it then now is the best time to try!

Swing by Yogaveda Mtl tomorrow night 6pm@ Peopl for the basic low down on how to get yourself started. If you prefer a personalized version or a group online version come by and we can discuss options or email Karla at

Tomorrow’s drink on the menu: lemongrass, mint and ginger  with some delicious homemade dahl ( so yummy) Music with Jojoflores, yoga by Anthony Kamanos from Yoga On

Mantras: Words and sounds affect us on a cellular level




I used Mr. Emoto’s example of water crystals for my mini Ayurveda mantra workshop on Tuesday, as it reflects the idea that words and sounds affect us deeply on a cellular level.

Mantras are sounds/words we chant or silently recite in our minds. It is for a specific reason and intention with which we chose our mantra or create one; to heal or strengthen as a whole or specific areas within us, we also use mantras to realign ourselves.

These very words we use and think of on a daily basis, that inspire or deprive us of a healthy mind sets the tone for our mental, physical and emotional bodies, as well as affecting others we meet in the course of our day. This is where some may think the glass is half full or half empty, this is where we blossom or shrivel. We must be responsible for the words we share amongst ourselves, taking care to cherish one another and not be careless with our tones and attitudes and ill chosen words due to any discontent in our private lives. So, be wary and chose your words wisely for one day you might be the one that needs an uplifting kind word or two, or in need of a lovely melody or sound.

The practice of a mantra brings balance to a hectic life, it is grounding yet uplifting, if you have never tried to meditate or use a mantra there is no time better than the present. It de-stresses you, empowers you, enhances your consciousness… try it you be the judge ♥

Drive those colds away with a Vampire smoothie!

How do you drive a horrible dumb cold away and vampires too at the same time ( and everyone else ) ….


This sure fire smoothie will beat those sniffles away!


2 cloves of garlic
2 or 3 slices of ginger
hot water

So basically, we mean business….put the ginger and the garlic in a blender with hot water…blend it till it’s frothy.
Pour it in a cup let it cool a bit then add honey to taste ( so basically a ton bc you are drinking liquid ginger and garlic!)

Drink it!

Wake up in the morning and repeat if necessary….but best not to do this at lunchtime. only early morning and just before bed.

*Watch out if  you are taking acetaminophen, as it is a blood thinner as is ginger.

You’ll get better in no time!! <3

Energy on the menu!



Mantras….hmmm i just googled it and came up with a ton of stuff but if I was a beginner I wouldn’t have a clue…so here is my stab at it …simple and easy…

Mantras are energy…
– a word can be a mantra or a series of words together can also be a mantra

– the word(s) are sounds
– the sounds create a vibration
– the vibration creates energy

When we start saying a mantra over and over it is called chanting.

The most basic mantras are the ones we associate and use to help keep our chakras in balance. Chakras are our energy centers, they keep us vibrant and healthy. We have many of them but the main 7 are:

1. root chakra: the sound is LAM, colour red
2. sacral chakra: the sound is VAM. colour orange
3: solar plexus: the sound is RAM, colour yellow
4: heart center: the sound is YAM, colour green
5: throat chakra: the sound is HAM, colour blue
6: third eye: the sound is KSHAM or Om, colour purple
7: crown chakra: the sound is OM, white.

btw when you are chanting a mantra you should preferably be in a comfortable seated position on the floor – if this too hard for your back in the beginning, you can lie down but try not to fall a sleep as you chant 😉

start by closing your eyes then take a deep breath from the belly and inhale up to your chest expanding the back, then as you let out your breath say the word as many times as you can at a pace comfortable for you…try not to rush through it. then repeat as often as you like or feel it is good for you.

you can say all 7 chakra mantras or one or a couple, depending on what you feel you need for the day.

that’s it for now…enjoy.. feel the vibration… seriously! 🙂

p.s.: best time for this, is first thing in the am after your shower or anytime of the day you are feeling stressed and need a time out ♥

you can read up on the whole chakra system in more detail here:

Road rage anyone? How to keep cool…

Summer in NYC circa 1940 by Weegee.


It is officially summertime and that means Pitta time…

Read this wonderful article on how to best keep cool in the summer…remember we all have Pitta within us, just in varying degrees. So for those that have Pitta naturally higher, this article offers you a couple of natural tips to keep  your body, mind and emotions happy in the heat.

This includes: food suggestions, essential oils, breathing exercises, yoga postures, cooling color choices etc…you don’t have to do it all but atleast if you have the knowledge then next time you get into a “heated” situation you will better know how to cool off quickly and /or how to prevent situations that could affect your health like skin rashes, constant thirst, ulcers, acid reflux, unnecessary anger, lack of patience etc…

These tips are relatively easy to do so what not give a whirl and cool off in the summer heat?!