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Join me for my new 3week class where we focus on raising our feminine energy to heal our masculine energy. What does that mean…

Well, it is based on allowing our Feminine energy to rise so we can heal our Masculine energy. This is the next new normal. Pushing to make “it” happen at all costs is warrior masculine energy and is no longer what is being called for, gone are the days of the stoic person that camouflages their truths for fear of not appearing to be a strong, dependable human.

We are now ushering in a newer, softer, kinder, more vulnerable person that realizes, their strength lies in being open, vulnerable and authentic. This is real power! Pretending or faking your feelings while pushing to the top, is no longer a valuable asset. Truth, Love, Compassion, Understanding and Forgiveness is the only approach combined with discovering and honouring your truth and your purpose for being here, now, today is the only way to be moving forward.

How do we start?

We start with ourselves, loving, forgiving, talking to ourselves as we would our best friend, partner or child. When we start by healing our inner child, we then have the space and freedom within us to be more understanding and compassionate and conscious with others.

Join me for this 3 week, Awakening Movement Course that will lead us up to the holidays as we support each other in this awesome awake and aware community. The Course starts Mon. Nov. 30, 2020 through to Dec 18, 2020.

I’m offering 4 prices: 99$, 199$, 299$, 399$ This sliding scale is for Covid and as a Holiday gift. Please pay what you can, I’m asking you to be honest when making your selection. This is a daily practice on an FB private group, where you can do the work on your own time. We have a weekly theme and I show up daily for you with Breathwork, meditations, mantras, Quantum Flow, yoga, conversation, we have one Zoom call per week to answer your questions.

If you are ready to make a change in your life and are ready to commit and put in the time and do the assignments …this course will help you get there! You’ll be ready for the best holiday season and for the long awaited 2021!

The course value is normally 999$ per person.

Happy to have you here and save the start date: Monday Nov. 30th/ 2020

Much Love,

xo Karla

We are in dire need of Powerful Sovereign Sacred Female Energy to rebalance the world we live in. We are life givers, we heal, we love, we share, we are wise and we are powerful.  

It is your sacred duty to realign with your power and reignite what has been dormant for various reasons in your life.  One of the ways in which you can do this, is by shedding old patterns and divesting yourself of old pain, that is holding you back.

Join me, as I host a Breathwork class, Monday, Sept. 21st on Zoom at 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm.

This is your tool for mindfulness, going inward and healing. A practice that is capable of changing your life in just one sessionIt is a dynamic active meditation technique for holistic self-healing, of letting go.  This is a beautiful tool for calming anxiety, de-stressing, processing unresolved pain and healing trauma. Most people leave sessions feeling lighter, clearer, energetic and more connected to their heart centre. 

As we enter the Autumn Equinox on Wed, Sept.23rd, it is the ideal time to clear and to cleanse. It is this time of the year where Mother Nature prepares for a sort of hibernation or death and you might also feel a natural desire of letting things go and create your future experiences based on your present self and not your past.  Allow yourself to shine and remember your true purpose for this planet, at this time. 

Get inspired! Find your inner voice and shed the extra baggage. Reignite your sacred feminine power and join me. Your voice, and your actions count – you are needed! 


lunaveda ~
Karla Gomez de la Peña ~

30 Day Mantra Meditation Challenge! 

Sign up to for what has now become a monthly Mantra meditation challenge!  For the next 30 days we will practice Mantra chanting at 6:30 am EST on Zoom.   

When you join, you will become a member of our Monday night 7;30 pm EST Sacred Circle where we share our weekly experiences chanting the monthly Mantra – this month is the Heart Chakra – Anahata and the Bij sound is YAM. 

Joining means you will do your very best to commit to the daily practice and participate in the four weekly calls throughout the month so you can stay in tune and connected with other like minded individuals.  We know if you are just starting that it is challenging – so I will gently nudge you with all the tenderness possible to help you hop back into the practice if you have fallen off.   

In the weekly sacred circle Zoom call, we hold space for each other as we share each other’s awesome life changing journey that comes from chanting daily.  This is our empowering and united community! 

You will also get a bi-monthly email with downloadable PDF’s that include all the benefits and information to make your, Mantra chanting the most beneficial ever! 

All this for 30$ in 30 days! 

We chant at 6:30 am EST  – and do not waiver from the time as it is highly recommended when you do meditate, to practice at the same time daily to receive all the benefits.  This is how we start our days vibrating high!

As we face an ever changing Covid-19, our community helps with staying grounded, mentally healthy and having a safe space to share.  There is nothing like having a community of consciously mindful people, purposefully moving forward to help each other find the strength to persevere and pivot and prepare for the new normal 🙂 

Sign up at and see your anxiety, fear, anger, sleeplessness and frustration… slowly dissolve as you become proactive, self empowering, raising your vibration from fear to love by devoting time to yourself by mantra meditating with us!

Your Ayurvedic Practitioner, Breathwork and Mantra Coach, 
x Karla 

Are you afraid of the future? Do you re-live past experiences often? Are you the creator of your life or do you feel like you follow “the rules” that have been laid out for you by your family, by society, by your past experiences?If you said , ” Yes!” to any of the above, then this next breathwork class is for you! ❤️ 

You have the power to choose how you want to live your life ⭐️  Sometimes, giving yourself permission to move forward and accepting you have options is the key to your freedom.

Join me Monday, Feb 24th, 2019 -80$ @ 6:30 pm : 113 Lewis Ave, Westmount H3Z.⭐️

LINK: ⭐️

Feeling the winter blues? Well you’re not alone! Join me on Monday Jan. 20th at 6:30pm -@ The Little Studio -80$ for a Breathwork class that incorporates how to get to and stay in the higher emotional vibrations and get out of the lower blues-y ones! Join me ❤️

Here’s the link with all the details:

“Opportunities in life come by creation, not by chance”

— Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda    

What if I told you – if you can imagine it, feel it, believe it consistently, your life will change.  I’ve mentioned in many of my classes, the subconscious mind cannot distinguish whether you are actually living your dreams and aspirations or if you are just imagining them.  

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality”                                                             — Earl Nightingale

 If this quote rings true for you…that would mean what you have been continuously saying and believing about yourself in the past becomes the result of how you are presently living your life today and also how you will live tomorrow.  Think about it … Are the words you speak to yourself, harsh and critical or do you think the world of yourself and believe you are beautiful, smart and all opportunities come your way? 

Being positive proactive dreamers is what our next class will be all about!   

Join me, Nov 25th, 2019: 6:30 pm-9pm: 80$
@the Little Studio: (side entrance)
84 Chesterfield Ave. Westmount, Qc H3Y 

Pls RSVP there are only 10 spots. 

With Love and Positivity, your Breathwork Coach,

514-513-6899/ sign up here:

For those of you that would like to know what Integral (transformational ) Breathwork is… What does it do? How does it work? and Why would you want to do it?! Pls Watch my video above! Hope this sheds some light and I’d love for you to join me on my next Breathwork class 🙂

Love your Breathwork Coach,

Karla <3

What would you do with a second chance in life?

Breathwork class this week will focus on the fragility and uncertainty of life with a life affirming meditation followed by a transformational Breathwork to cement your process <3. This is an exciting exercise on how to hone in on your clarity while offering a new found sense of freedom and higher awareness.

Join me at Entrainement U.N.I Training this Friday May 24th at 6pm-9pm : 80$ for an exploration of your highest potential.

Address: 1751 Rue Richardson #1.313, Montreal QC H3K 1G6 Phone: 514-487-6183

Pls email to RSVP and for registration forms. Pls bring a blanket, small pillow, notebook, pen, and water bottle.

Arrival 15- 10 min early so we can start and end on time, to situate yourself and hand in your registration form.

Pre-registration by etransfer at

Space is limited.


Amazing India! There is so much to say about experiencing India and not enough time or words to fully express this country of contrasts, beauty, perfect imperfections and magic – so much magic! 🥰 It’s taken me a minute to get back into the swing of things as I reintegrate fully with new perspectives so keep your eyes posted for a Breathwork class date TBD in May! 🙏🏽 

I learned a thing or two that I can’t wait to share with you all – some precious ancient yogic gems –SKYLIGHT YOGA⭐️🇮🇳⭐️ stay tuned 🤸🏾‍♀️

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