Do you sometimes react emotionally to situations without even understanding why?  Are you emotionally re-living your past experiences daily?  Do you feel as if your past has a hold on you and it is now your identity?


Join me in a Breathwork class where you will learn
the proper mechanics of breathing to live and 
discover how to release anxiety, stress and traumas while
building your confidence, power and self-love to clearly and  

passionately live to breathe!


Tues. Oct. 16th, 2018 ~ 6:00 pm
35$ – 90 min class
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“The Little Studio”
84 Chesterfield Ave.
(garden side entrance)
Westmount. H3Y 2M7
(details below)



Did you know…that recalling a traumatic experience that happened many years ago, affects your physical being today as if it just happened! The subconscious cannot tell the difference between a live event or a re-living of one. The body physically mimics the fears, tears, anxieties and stressors of that past moment. And living in that emotion for long periods of time means you are living in the chemical residue of the past and actually allowing it to become your identity! 

It is a well kept secret, that designed breathing, as a daily ritual will keep you physically and mentally young.

In this class, you will learn the concepts of letting go through Breathwork.  It is important to learn, how to loosen up the emotional charge a past event may have had on you.  Sometimes that event may not appear to be so traumatic to others but it was traumatic to you and that is what counts. Every person is an individual and any event big or small has the weight of change in a positive or negative way.  It’s usually the negative ones that have a hold on us and it is important to learn to let them go, lest they take charge and begin influencing our present and most certainly our future decisions.  Breathwork, has a mechanical aspect to it, but it also has a very transformative side to it as well.  This is where the power to heal yourself on all levels lies. Join me, as we discover one of the most basic yet most inherently powerful tools we own in healing ourselves called…
Your Breath!

Your first class is just the beginning of your personal transformation!
A package of 5 classes entitles to you one free class and is your introduction to learning how to
use the power of your breath for better mental and physical wellbeing!

Your Breathwork Coach,
Karla Gomez de la Peña

Please join me Tues. Oct. 16th 2018 and get started on class of personal empowerment and a life changing experience at:


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“The Little Studio”
 84 Chesterfield Ave. (garden side entrance)
Westmount, Qc. H3Y 2M7. 

Class starts at 6:00 pm and ends at 7:30pm the cost is $35.  
Insurance receipts available upon request.
Refreshments will be served after class.

                                                                        Private classes, personal growth programs and class packages are available!
                                                                                                     Please contact me directly for a quote and rates.

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Schedule of up and coming classes @ “The Little Studio”
Tues. Oct 23rd, 2018: 6:00PM @”The Little Studio” – 35$
Wed. Nov 7th, 2018: 6:00PM @”The Little Studio” – 35$
Tues. Nov. 13th, 2018: 6:00PM @”The Little Studio” – 35$

Workshop dates TBD
Pls R.S.V.P. – Space is limited 

In Love and Light,
Your Breathwork Coach,

Karla Gomez de la Peña <3