“Whatever comes, let it come.
Whatever stays, let it stay.
Whatever goes, let it go.”
Bruce Lipton.

This saying is so simple yet we complicate it by falling into old patterns of fear and protection. These patterns can act as obstacles to what can otherwise be experienced with a light and joyful heart. If you find you are repeating patterns, you must look for the lesson NOT the escape. When you go within and accept your soul’s most inner desire, you will be released from that path and leap into growth and consciousness ❤️

Sooo jump, skip, hop into happiness – don’t be afraid! You’ll be so grateful you did! ⭐️💛

The next Integral Breathwork Class is at our new home, Studio Volver, Sat. Dec 9th – 10am-1pm. 80$ Pls join me I’d love to assist you into taking that leap of faith by oxygenating your body and soul ❤️