Uplift your mood with CPTG essential oils

Want to learn how to change your mood with a little natural help? Do you feel angry and upset often due to tiredness and have a lot going on or perhaps due to your environment?
 swing by my class tomorrow night at:

7 pm and I’ll teach you how.  Simple and easy.  Your moods just got better!
387 ST. PAUL OUEST/ McGill
*Maison Bistro always has the most delicious carrot cake, soups and salads with tea to have if you come straight after work.
Hope you can make it!


Discover the World of CPTG essential oils

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Going through a transition? Need a little emotional support? Fatigued? Lacking in energy?
Learn what Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils can do for you. We will teach you the basics and a little more 🙂

These beautiful aromas are fantastic for diffusing in daycares, shops, palliative centres-for your elderly parent care, offices and of course your home.Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils will work their pure, organic, all natural magic on you and you’ll have wondered why you didn’t start using them earlier!

Dr. Isabelle Roy DC and myself, Karla Gomez – Ayurvedic Practitioner welcome you, this Tuesday March 10th at 7pm for an informative class.

Feel free to bring a friend for a cup of tea, soup or a nibble at Maison: The Pepin Shop – Espace Pepin before our class starts.

Please RSVP at lunaveda@gmail.com

Have a lovely rest of the weekend and hope to see you in class! 😉 ♥ K