Ayurveda and the 6 tastes











Did you know that the six tastes in Ayurveda are aimed to balance our mental, spiritual, physical and emotional bodies. (our Doshas) 

Did you know there are 6 emotions that go with the 6 tastes?

If you know your doshic constitution, you can not only help balance your emotions but prevent colds, congestion, headaches, stomach issues, PMS, insomnia etc… In ayurveda, food is medicine so you can pretty much take care of a multitude of issues.

Essentially we need a little bit of each to feel balanced and satisfied.

Tastes: emotional flavour when taken in excess
Sweet: Love (which can also cause attachment)
Salty: Greed
Sour: Envy
Pungent: Hatred
Bitter: Grief
Astringent: Fear

The presence of the 6 tastes in each meal allow us to experience these emotional flavours, leaving us satiated and not wanting for more.

This is an Ayurvedic concept that has worked for centuries…it would be interesting to try it and let us at Lunaveda know if you do feel satisfied after a meal. Each taste need not be a huge part of the meal but can be as simple as a dash of a condiment or herb.

One other important suggestion: Remember, eat and drink only when you are truly hungry and not bc you think you should. Breakfast is optional! Lunch is not!!!

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Lunaveda: 15 reasons why we should detox

the-importance-of-DETOXWhy Detox?…here are a couple of reasons why…

Fight your junk addiction
Clear out your toxins
Balance your hormones
Increase energy
Increase circulation
Improve digestion
Strengthen immune system
Improve concentration
Improve sleep quality
Clearer skin
Regular bowel movements
Cleanse liver
Detoxify organs
Reduce Stress
Increase sex drive….

If you have never done it then now is the best time to try!

Swing by Yogaveda Mtl tomorrow night 6pm@ Peopl for the basic low down on how to get yourself started. If you prefer a personalized version or a group online version come by and we can discuss options or email Karla at lunaveda@gmail.com

Tomorrow’s drink on the menu: lemongrass, mint and ginger  with some delicious homemade dahl ( so yummy) Music with Jojoflores, yoga by Anthony Kamanos from Yoga On