Energy on the menu!



Mantras….hmmm i just googled it and came up with a ton of stuff but if I was a beginner I wouldn’t have a clue…so here is my stab at it …simple and easy…

Mantras are energy…
– a word can be a mantra or a series of words together can also be a mantra

– the word(s) are sounds
– the sounds create a vibration
– the vibration creates energy

When we start saying a mantra over and over it is called chanting.

The most basic mantras are the ones we associate and use to help keep our chakras in balance. Chakras are our energy centers, they keep us vibrant and healthy. We have many of them but the main 7 are:

1. root chakra: the sound is LAM, colour red
2. sacral chakra: the sound is VAM. colour orange
3: solar plexus: the sound is RAM, colour yellow
4: heart center: the sound is YAM, colour green
5: throat chakra: the sound is HAM, colour blue
6: third eye: the sound is KSHAM or Om, colour purple
7: crown chakra: the sound is OM, white.

btw when you are chanting a mantra you should preferably be in a comfortable seated position on the floor – if this too hard for your back in the beginning, you can lie down but try not to fall a sleep as you chant 😉

start by closing your eyes then take a deep breath from the belly and inhale up to your chest expanding the back, then as you let out your breath say the word as many times as you can at a pace comfortable for you…try not to rush through it. then repeat as often as you like or feel it is good for you.

you can say all 7 chakra mantras or one or a couple, depending on what you feel you need for the day.

that’s it for now…enjoy.. feel the vibration… seriously! 🙂

p.s.: best time for this, is first thing in the am after your shower or anytime of the day you are feeling stressed and need a time out ♥

you can read up on the whole chakra system in more detail here:

The sky is your limit…now what CAN you do?!

Hey Y’all…I have just heard of a crazy competition, I think you may be interested in…it starts something like this…

Competition starts now: and expires in 346 days
the sky is the limit, there are no rules except 4:
1: be true to yourself
2: don’t be influenced by others
3: you need to be happy doing it
4: and you need to make money doing it (if money is an issue)

The New Year is upon us and it is time to move forward with an amazing and bright wide eyed vision of what the new year can bring us or alternatively what we can create for ourselves within these next months?

This is how you do it:

What do you want to most accomplish this year? What is your inner most heart’s desire..truly dig in there and let it surface so it can become a thought, then an idea, then conceptualize it, talk about it, write it down make it real and then… MOVE OUT OF THE WAY and let it happen. ♥

The prize:
You being ecstatically happy every morning you roll out of bed! Worth it? You bet!!

Remember there are no rules!!!

Good luck and lmk if it happens! I will be the happiest person for you!!!! ♥decision to try